Monday, July 1, 2013

Sue Gardening

Sue Gardening games Dig a hole, sow plants, water and watch them growing! ...
Fantasy Online Games


Pac-Bug games Collect all the dots to earn point but beware of the lizard, it's out to eat you. ...
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Oida Cube

Oida Cube games Think you got the brains. If so try this computer rubix cube. ...
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Sunday, May 12, 2013

X-Treme Tugboating

X-Treme Tugboating games Go fishing on a random water planet in a galaxy far... far away. ...
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Dirty Socks Dress Up

Dirty Socks Dress Up games Have you ever found just one sock and don't know what to do with it? Well, Dress him up! ...
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Joy games Joy is a mysterious girl, who likes to wear very original clothing. ...
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Friday, February 22, 2013

Star Ship

Star Ship games Defend your planet. You have to perform several missions flying a swift and well-equipped fighter. ...
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Pank Football

Pank Football games It's just you and the goal keeper against the whole team. Can you step up beat them? ...
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Aliens Land

Aliens Land games Guide your craft through the caverns collecting items along the way. ...
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Thursday, January 31, 2013

How to Make Apple Coffee Cake

How to Make Apple Coffee Cake games Learn how make this mouth watering dessert. ...
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Bee Dodger

Bee Dodger games Fly and grab coins while dodging small bees, big bees, and bees that fire their stingers at you. ...
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Polly's Hair Stylin' Salon

Polly Polly's hair is in your hands. Click a (1) style, (2) clip, and (3) color, and then (4) show Polly, or click Surprise to see some extreme 'dos. ...
Flying Online Games

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Wild Pistol

Wild Pistol games Shoot your enemy as quick and accurate as you can before they shoot you. good luck and have fun! ...
Motorcycle Online Games

Blocking & Kissing

Blocking & Kissing games Your girlfriend is very angry with you and has started hitting you. Block yourself, while she tries to beat you, and kiss her passionately to set a romantic mood. ...
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Cigarette Killer

Cigarette Killer games Try to snipe all the cigarettes using your water gun before the time runs out! ...
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Sue: Syuui magical transformation

Sue: Syuui magical transformation games Help make a potion that will transform her into a Sue look alike ...
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Top That

Top That games Welcome to Mech-Droids fast food simulator. Here you will be trained to fulfill five customer's orders. You'll be tested on time and accuracy. The fewer mistakes you make and the faster you can complete an order the higher your customer satisfaction ratin ...
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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Last Touchdown

Last Touchdown games Power Max woke up in the morning and realized that he was late for the football final. The coach would be furious. Help Max get to the match and win the American Football Championship. ...
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Cats in Love

Cats in Love games Help the cat get to his love. ...
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Birthday Cake

Birthday Cake games It's your chance to make a birthday card for your family and friends! ...

Rage 2

Rage 2 games Awesome stick game where you can beat some asses! ...
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Blossom Powerpuff Girl Dress Up

Blossom Powerpuff Girl Dress Up games Help Blossom get ready to save the world. ...

Roboxer 2

Roboxer 2 games Taking punches would hurt, so why not let your little robot take all the abuse. ...
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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Top 10 Best Online Flash Games

1. The Fancy Pants Adventure <strong>The Fancy Pants Adventure</strong> Think about Sonic the Hedgehog with a more clean design and some physics effects added. Ah, and a character that wears some really fancy pants! Just run through the levels, avoiding the monsters and collecting the swirls and trophies. Play The Fancy Pants Adventure 2. Bowman <strong>The <strong><strong>Bowman</strong></strong></strong> An archery game where there is no target. Instead, you get to shoot your arrows directly at another opponent! It can be played both against the computer and against another human player (each one taking a turn). Play Bowman 3. Farm Frenzy 3 <strong>The <strong><strong></strong></strong></strong></strong></p><p><strong>Bloons <strong>Farm Frenzy 3</strong></strong></p><p><strong><strong><strong><strong></strong></strong></strong> Farm Frenzy 3 Build up your farm as you plant grass and gather eggs and buy new creatures for your farm. Play Farm Frenzy 3 4. Click The Frog <strong>The Fancy Pants Adventure</strong> Click the frog. small but awesome speed test game. Play Click The Frog 5. Magic Pen <strong>The <strong>Magic Pen</strong></strong> In this sweet, innovative puzzle game, you have to push a crudely drawn ball to collect flags. To do it, you draw your own objects, which fall under gravity and push the ball around. It sounds strange – and it is – but it’s remarkably intuitive. Play Magic Pen 6. Tennis <strong><strong>Tennis</strong></strong> Former owners of the NES, that most ancient of games consoles, will enjoy this tennis game. It’s essentially a straight copy of the old Nintendo tennis game. What you do is, right, you hit the ball with the racquet and make it go over the net. You’ll soon pick it up. Play Tennis 7. Moby Dick 2 <strong><strong>Moby Dick 2</strong></strong> Take a classic story, simple-but-addicting gameplay mechanics, and a fun and cartoonish art style, and you get Moby Dick The Video Game. This game is one of our favorites; become the terror of the sea by eating sailors and growing as large as you can possibly get without dying. Play Moby Dick 2 8. Covert Front <strong>The <strong>Covert Front</strong></strong> you are a top secret agent code-named Kara in an alternate history version of World War I. Assigned to infiltrate the mansion of a notorious scientist, Karl von Toten, you must discover the incredible secrets that lie within and escape with your life. Play Covert Front 9. Home Sheep Home <strong>The <strong>Home Sheep Home</strong></strong> Help Shaun, Timmy and Shirley work together to get home safely to the barn. Use each sheep’s unique abilities to overcome obstacles along the way! Use the arrow keys to move and jump and number keys (1,2,3) to select your sheep! Play Home Sheep Home 10. Skid MK <strong><strong>Skid MK</strong></strong> Gamers and racers get ready for the race of your life, it looks like the idea of Mario Kart has been brought to life in this very creative and original 3d racing game. Collect powerups, and coins through the race, place on multiple tracks through various game modes including novice. Use the items you collect from the mystery boxes by using the spacebar, definitely one of the best racing games of the summer! Play Skid MK

Monday, December 3, 2012

Dress Up Teresa

Dress Up Teresa games Get Teresa her perfect attire. ...
Beat Online Games

Alaskan Adversary

Alaskan Adversary games Battle Alaskan Adversaries through the land of ice and snow. ...
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Age of Castles Demo

Age of Castles Demo games Battle over 60 enemies throughout the town in this fun strategy game! Goblins, Orcs and the dreaded. ...

Jurassic Realm

Jurassic Realm games Explore prehistoric lands in this blockbusting dinosaur-age puzzle. Jurassic Realm is an exciting action puzzle with improved collapse, explosive power-ups and exciting brick-breaking. ...
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Arm Fight

Arm Fight games Show them how good your are in arm wrestling. Crush there arms and show them what you've got. ...
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Everybodys Golf

Everybodys Golf games Great Golf game! ...
Gold Online Games

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Scooby Doo - River Rapids Rampage

Scooby Doo - River Rapids Rampage games Guide Shaggy and Scooby through a series of interactive action and logic based puzzles. Watch the scenes for valuable clues. Collect items to help you get through obstacles. Keep your coolness until the end of the episode. Good luck! ...
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Egg Throw

Egg Throw games Goal against a chicken. ...

Numeric Tic Tac Toe

Numeric Tic Tac Toe games The one who will completes the Tic Tac Toevertically, horizontally or diagonally with the sum of 15 first will be considered the winner. ...
Play Numeric Tic Tac Toe game

Monday, November 19, 2012

Swedish Save Loy

Swedish Save Loy games Solve the puzzle in this mind buggling game! ...
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Scull Catch

Scull Catch games Catch as many robot sculls as you can. ...
Y8 com

Blue Knight

Blue Knight games Help Lanthas, the Blue Knight, free the land from evil once and for all! ...
Play Blue Knight game

Garfield Coloring Page

Garfield Coloring Page games Put on the right colors for Garfield. ...
Y8 new games

War on the Block

War on the Block games Defend your base from the attacking tanks! Remake of the Classic Game Battle City. ...
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Katapult games Adjust the power and angle of the catapult in order to launch the stuntman. While he is airborne, keep his body parallel to the ground to reduce wind resistance. Use pink clouds to give him a boost. Lastly, deploy his parachute when the stuntman approache ...
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